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Our Mission: 

The Lipedema Queen is a 501c(3) organization created to assist women with lipedema:

Obtain needed medical grade compression garments, surgeries and treatments, 

Advocate for the ICD (International Disease Code) insurers need

Re-issuance of the Lymphedema Act 

Thank you for your support!


What is Lipedema?

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Lipedema is a disease, affecting mostly only women, of lipid metabolism marked by a bilateral and symmetrical swelling of the lower extremities caused by impairment of symmetrical fatty tissue distribution and storage combined with hyperplasia of individual fat cells.  Lipedema usually  is associated with a family history (hereditary).  

Is there a cure?

Lipedma is a chronic disease. There is currently no known uniform medical procedure to cure lipedema, but the disease can be managed. 

What can be done?

The NIH states that well-known therapies for lipedema include complex decongestive therapy (MLD Therapy), pneumatic compression, and diet modifications. 

Nutritional supplements may also ease symptoms.  

Drs. Karen Herbst and David Gruener advocate for water jet assisted liposuction (WAL) surgery to treat lipedema.  

How does The Lipedema Queen help?

We assist women with lipedema purchase medical grade compression garments, nutritional supplements, treatments and WAL (Water Assisted Liposuction) surgeries.  Insurance does not cover these items in most cases.  Medical grade compression garment are much more costly than  the average compression garment on the market.  WAL surgery is at minimum $10,000 each and more than one surgery is needed.  

Raising funds through hosting events that promote courage among women with lipedema, education and awareness, The Lipedema Queen 501(c)3 assists women with lipedema ease the financial burden that comes with this chronic disease.  

The Lipedema Queen needs you to:

  • Donate to The Lipedema Queen 
  • Take part in/support our events
  • Contact your Representative in Congress and your  tell them to be courageous and sign on to Re-Introduce The Lymphedema Treatment Act

Thank you for your support!

Holidays with The Lipedema Queen

The Lipedema Queen realizes that another challenge women with lipedema face is finding beautiful clothing that fits.  This is why the Avenue is one of our major supporters because they understand women with curves. 

Also, we received a sizable donation of  beautiful plus size clothing  from a wonderful woman during the 2016 holiday season.  We received sizes 3x-5x and a few pieces in size 6x. The Lipedema Queen Organization was able to ship out 10 boxes to women of the clothing from that donation. Additionally, we were able to help another 8 women in the local area to get clothing  which was dropped off to them. 

 Below, are just a few of the women we were able to help....

"I just want to say think u to the Angel that donated the clothing to the organization"....(read more)

Lejoya Fields

Lejoya Fields 

"Thank you, Katia Page, and to the woman who generously donated clothing"....(read more)

Angel Rose Celestian

Head of Potatoes, The Internet

"Thank you Katia for your wonderful Lipedema Queen organization and for your kindness"...(read more)

Patricia Ashton Cornute

Chief Ranch Dressing Advisor

Your Donation Helps The Lipedema Queen:

  • Obtain needed medical grade compression garments, surgeries, treatments, supplements and medical grade compression garments not covered by insurance  for women with lipedema
  • Advocate for an ICD (International Disease Code) insurers need 
  • Re-Introduction of the Lymphedema 

The Lipedema Queen is a 501c(3) organization                                              Thank you for your support!