The Lipedema Queen

 Where Curves Meet Courage



Sephora Stands For Confidence and Makeover

The Lipedema Queen has been allowed to have seven women who suffer with Lipedema to attend the Sephora Stand For Confidence and Makeover this July 29.  The way how the women shall be chosen we will have a essay about why you would want to have this make over done. A lot of women who suffer from Lipedema we forget to pamper ourselves between battling this disease, taking care of family and working. It can be very taxing on the body, mind and spirit. Sephora wants to help remind us even though we are going through so much we are still beautiful and deserve to hold our head high while we battle Lipedema. 

The essay should be  no more than 250 words please send a headshot picture of yourself. The women that gets chosen essay and picture will be published on the page if she gets chosen. Contest ends July 10 ladies will be announces by the 15th of July. The makeover will be in Paramus, New Jersey.  Email the essay and picture to [email protected] and include name , address and phone number so you will be contacted it you are chosen.