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Tell your representatives the proposed changes to healthcare place women with Lipedema at grave risk!

In turn, this means there may not be a re-introduction of The Lymphedema Treatment Act to the new Congress.  Tell your representatives Congress that they should  be courageous and sponsor/sign on to this bill!

Thank you for your support!

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In December 2016, The Lipedema Queen encouraged a "last stand" effort to contact elected officials for support of The Lymphedema Treatment Act (LTA), a federal bill that aims to improve insurance coverage for medically necessary, doctor-prescribed compression garments needed for lymphedema/lipedema treatment.......unfortunately this act now needs re-introduction.

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Our Mission: 

The Lipedema Queen is a 501c(3) organization created to assist women with lipedema:

Obtain needed medical grade compression garments, surgeries and treatments, 

Advocate for the ICD (International Disease Code) insurers need

Re-issuance of the Lymphedema Act 

Thank you for your support!